All products come with a activation key that you can use to register your site with HiddenTechies.

By registering, customer will be able to get updates and notifications. We highly recommend that you always register your theme/modules so you can stay safe and updated.

How to find activation key for my product?

You can find your activation key at My account > My Orders > View Order (Select your order). In order to activate the product you also need SKU of the product you have purchased.

For further information please check below screenshot.

How to get activation key

How to activate my product?

To activate a product, first install and configure the theme/product inside your Magento store.

Now, Open the configuration panel for the theme/extension you have purchased. Inside configuration panel, You’ll see a place to enter your activation key and product sku.

Input your activation key and SKU of purchased product (It is important that you use the Product SKU associated with your key, or the product will not be activated.)

Click the Save Config button when you’re done. The form should submit and your key should then be active.

For further information please check below screenshot.

How to activate product

Thats it! In case you have entered an invalid license key please make sure that you have selected the key for the right product you’re using, that your activation is not expired yet and has not reached the maximum number of websites.

If you have still problems with your activation key(s), please contact and we will take care of it.