Magento 2 Security Patch Installation Service

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Looking for reliable security patch installation services for your Magento store? We can help you to install latest security patches in your store, we have done so for many clients already.

We're specialized in Magento security patch installation service. We work with many businesses and start ups to help them to reach success. Staying up to date with Magento latest security patch release helps you to protect against security vulnerabilities, several bug fixes, new features and functionality. Our team of ecommerce experts will ensure the security patches are applied properly with fully testing. It’s extremely important to timely install Magento security patches to keep your data safe.

Secure your online business with our team of ecommerce experts!

Why update security patch installation in your Magento store?

If you are running your Magento store with an older version of security patches, you are running a business at the higher risks of getting hacked. Staying up to date with Magento latest security patch release helps you to protect against security vulnerabilities, several bug fixes, new features and functionality. With installing latest version of Magento security patches you got...

  • Under protected from vulnerabilities and hackers
  • Installed Security Patch properly to avoid conflict and data loss
  • Avoid possibility to install the fake patch
  • Test for the stability of the protection on site
  • Be reminded for up-to-date critical security patches
  • Better Store Performance
  • Enhance Safety & Security

Upgrading your store to the latest version of security patch brings you security fixes, which is highly important for your Magento store’s safety.



First things first, backup your database and other files are the first and most important step of the installation process. That basically includes database files, lists of all products and customers, sales data and site content. We apply security patch installation first on the staging site. If it works properly, we apply it to your live site.

By gathering backup files of your store, we keep it safe and copy all files on the server.



In this step we will review, which security patches currently apply to your Magento store. We will check for the latest available patches for your current Magento version and check which patches are not installed.

Our experts define your security patch installation requirements by gathering information from your store.



We ensure the complete and accurate installation process for your store to the latest version of security patch. It basically includes the installation process of the latest security patches on your Magento store.

We deliver the specified security patch installation. Be relaxed... You are backed by a team of ecommerce experts!


Performance Check

When our team completes the installation process, We will test the latest version of security patches that applies to your Magento store and make sure, all the things are working properly.

Our experienced support team will also check if there are any possible improvements suitable for your business and inform you!


Make it LIVE

It is a time to make your dreams true, with a team of specialist and ecommerce experts your security patch installation to the latest version is painless and super fast. In this final step, We apply the patches to your website. So you can start with complete confidence and fresh strategy.

I have recently been working with HiddenTechies on a Magento 2 development project. I came at the project as a complete novice to Magento and all I can say is a massive thank you! All work was carried out quickly and the support was always quick and very helpful. Highly recommended provider!

Matt Ierston United Kingdom
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