Magento Security Patch Installation Service

Magento Security Patch Installation Service

HiddenTechies technical team will ensure the security patches are applied properly with fully testing. It’s extremely important to timely install Magento security patches to keep your data safe.

Advantages of install security patches?

Something looks easy but may not so easy to be installed. Magento Security Patches are available everywhere but how to install them correctly? Security Patch Installation Service is provided to ensure your store:

  • Under protected from vulnerabilities and hackers
  • Installed Security Patch properly to avoid conflict and data loss
  • Avoid possibility to install fake patch
  • Test for the stability of the protection onsite
  • Be reminded for up-to-date critical security patches
and many more!

What can you expect from us?

  • Security Patch Download, Installation & configuration
  • Applying and running patch for various Magento vulnerability
  • Security Patch regular Updates
  • PCI compliance and no security-holes and openings in your server
  • Progressive SSL Certificate encryption
  • Troubleshooting

Make your Magneto store more secure, and keep hackers away from your store.

If you have any query related to security patch installation, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to serve you.