How to Boost your Online Sales this Holiday Season

The most exciting time of the year is about to pop-in and it’s high-time to get ready for the BIG FAT SALE on your online store.

But, Is your online store prepared for the Holiday Sales?

If not, do not worry. This blog will help you to get on the track and will let you hit your goals being the most profitable period of the year. Most people are thinking the year is ending but for the digital entrepreneurs, it is just the beginning.

Just the fact, the holiday eCommerce sales in 2018 was more than $126 billion in the United States for the very first time where an average shopper spent over $313 each during the same.

So, isn’t this number big enough to wake up and take action towards the incubation of your online store?

Here’s the mantra.

First, Check the Inventory

How to Boost your Online Sales this Holiday Season

Stock planning is a great necessity during the Holiday Season as you need to precisely predict the volume of stock which has to be cleared out and which has to be ordered from the suppliers to maximize the profits from Black Friday to New Year’s Eve.

The products which are in higher demand should never go Out of Stock as it will damage the impression of your business. So, do not be like other small businesses whose biggest struggle is inventory management. Instead, calculate the stock you need and place your orders before-hand.

And, what’s next?

Just sell your products at the right price and enjoy the perks of the holiday season.

Can Your Online Store Deal With Traffic?

How to Boost your Online Sales this Holiday Season

Nothing is worse than a website crash during the peak season. To give your shoppers a reliable and fast experience, your website must handle massive traffic and heavy crowding at your online store.

Research says, 46% of online shoppers buy from a new retailer during the holiday season and 76% of shoppers survey 3 or more channels for the best festive deals before making a purchase during the holidays.

So, think again if your website can deal with it and also check with your Web host directly. If there’s a limit on your hosting plan about the number of visits your site can handle, you can see your website striking its traffic limit on the major festive shopping days of the year. And, if you fail to measure your website’s capability to handle the herd of shoppers, your website can face a huge downtime or a crash.

However, it’s better to look for a more scalable and faster option to run your site smoothly and turn all the heads over your online store.

Create Shopper-Friendly Navigation

How to Boost your Online Sales this Holiday Season

It is quite obvious that the holiday sale attracts customers and however, poor navigation can make people lose interest in your website and leave it right away. Whether you modernize your design or shape up the menu, your website shouldn’t frustrate customers.

The 2018 Global Path to Purchase Survey says, 96% of online shoppers leave stores empty-handed because of poor navigation features and accessibility.

For clear and well-configured navigation you must follow the following tips:

  • Let the Search Field be the most highlighted feature
  • Quick accessibility on devices like Laptops, Mobiles or Computers
  • Add up filter option to your search page
  • Sorting options should be added as per the customer’s choice
  • Also, attach a history page to figure out previous searches.

Better Shipping & Return Policy

How to Boost your Online Sales this Holiday Season

With so many vendors running for that slice of the cake by offering impressive guarantees and flexible return policies, you surely cannot miss the race. This factor might be underrated but you cannot leave your customers worried and upset especially during the festivities.

Via survey conducted by Walker Sands, 79% of online shoppers would more likely to shop on the websites who offer Free Shipping and 54% of online shoppers love free returns or exchanges.

Once a marketing professional at Wharton, named David Bell stated that a free shipping proposal that spare $6.99 is more attractive than a discount that cuts the price by $10.

This is why updating your shipping and return policies are important and can make a huge impact on your online sales. Every customer loves easy and hassle-free services. Offering free returns and exchanges are a new normal and maintain loyalty among the customers.

Even if you are quite satisfied with your regular shipping and return policies, your online store must include new updates and perks during the holiday season to excite the shoppers.

Time For Some Special Offers

How to Boost your Online Sales this Holiday Season

Holiday Sales is all about special offers, promotions and discounts. Visitors love add-on services while shopping during the festivities even if it increases the price of the product.

To buck up your overall revenue, you can add on the option of gift wrapping services, gift cards or free shipping during the holiday season. This lets shoppers spend more than the value of the product. You can even give free gift wrapping over a certain price as a bonus for customers to buy more from your store.

A recent study highlights that offers and discounts attract more customers and encourage them to visit again in the near future. The study also says that millennials are more likely to shop during the holiday season if there are appealing offers or discounts.

Wrapping Up

Yes, the festivities are just around the corner and it’s high time to buck up your shoes to raise your sales for the coming holiday schedule.

Whether it’s Christmas, Black Friday, Halloween or New Year’s Eve you just cannot ignore the above-mentioned points for the better cash flow. Plan for the festivities precisely in advance and strategize the things according to the digital trends.

And, it’s time for some implementation and enjoy the most wonderful time of the year.

So, how’s your preparation going for the holiday sales? Are you ready to boost up your revenue generation?

Let us know in the comments section below and if you are going lackadaisically, just push yourself up and start working towards it today.

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