Customer service is everything in this new digital era. One bad online review can cause lots of damage to your company and, in worse cases, make the conversion rate drop significantly. Mapping out your customer journey allows you to predict customer behavior.

How to improve your conversion rate in this digital era? The key to making more sales in 2021 is to know your potential customers’ motivations to visit your site. Whether you’ve got an eCommerce business selling hand-made candles, or a cool online casino with Lotto games, knowing why someone found your website enables you to influence their next moves. You can create several buyer personas to understand how to make customers take a specific action and prepare for their next clicks. This homework does not only help you make more sales, but it will also create a stellar customer experience for your clients. And what could be more important to any business? So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at how customer journey mapping can put you ahead of your competition and get the prospects’ attention. Ready?

The Power of Reviews in the Digital Era

Only 30 years ago, when customers were interested in a product, they’d go to a physical store to look for it. Comparing different models was something you’d do on the location. And recommendations came from friends. A sales rep guided the customers through the buying process and answered all their questions about the product. And guess what? Since the customer had already taken the time to visit the store, they’d probably also make the purchase. And the primary deciding factor was the brand name and its familiarity.

Flash forward to 2021. We now have a huge variety of ways to find information about products and services before completing the purchase. The Internet is full of review sites, and new products get extensively compared on blogs and social media. Anyone can easily find details about the price and quality of products and even read about a company’s customer service. It means that online customer reviews have become super influential in guiding the customers’ buying decisions. So naturally, you wouldn’t want any negative reviews on your products. A single customer review (if it’s negative) can cause a small drop in revenues. But three bad reviews can already make you lose more than half of your customers. More than five negative reviews can put you out of business.

Why are the reviews so powerful these days? It’s because of the worldwide reach of the Internet. A bad online review gets read across the globe and damages your company’s reputation even before you’ve had the chance to glance at the review yourself.

You Can’t Afford a Single Negative Review

Whether we like it or not, but people just remember negative information better than positive. You can succeed in keeping most of your customers happy and get plenty of great reviews. But you need at least 12 positive reviews to over-run the impact of one single negative review. The only way to stop your revenues from shrinking is to create the best possible experience for every single customer. For example, if you run an online casino, it’s vital to reach out to your clients and encourage playing on your site. And don’t stop there. Ask your clients to provide feedback on whether or not their expectations are getting met. It is called aftercare, and it’s an essential stage in the customer journey map. Let’s take a look at the other steps:

Research Competitors

Find websites that are similar to yours. Study them to understand what works for them. Then take a look at your own website. Can you use your competitors’ example to enhance the user experience on your site? If yes, then do it.

Gather Data

Data is crucial to understand customer needs. You can use various information-gathering tools to assess your bounce rate, see the number of people viewing specific parts of your pages, and understand the effectiveness of your CTAs. Then you can see if your content is engaging enough, and most importantly, does it lead to conversions.

Customer Pain Points

Identifying your customers’ possible pain points lets you understand which parts of your business need the most improvements. It allows you to get into details about the reasons people leave your site. You’ll discover which areas leave a negative impression of your brand and which ones leave a neutral impression. The results can be quite surprising.

Using Customer Service Tools to Enhance the gaming Experience

With a huge number of new games released every year, gaming companies need to stand out. And one of the best ways to do that is by focusing on the gamer experience and enhance customer service. Regardless of the platform (a console, PC, or smartphone), players expect a quick and efficient service that enables them to stay in the gaming environment. That’s because in many games, leaving the platform can cause problems in defending the home base. Riot Games, for example, is using custom applications to cut down customer support wait times. Players can now get quick support for technical errors and won’t lose their game gains while fixing a problem.


It’s impossible to put a price on customer service. If a client is annoyed by anything in the purchasing process, they will complete their cart. And most probably will never return to your site. It sounds harsh, but it’s true. Using the tips from this article and working out a customer journey map allows you to prevent your clients from having bad experiences. With enough data at your hands, you can start testing different approaches and stick with the one that gets the best results. The rate of customer satisfaction is at your hands. So start improving it today!

Have you been able to turn customer frustration into conversion for your business? Let us know how you did it in the comments.