Let’s See the Unique Features and how to 📥 Download & Install this PrestaShop Module.

Product Remaining Stock PrestaShop Module gives you the option of displaying the available product stocks on the front office of your store. This can enhance your user’s experience and impulse your customers to buy product from your store. This module helps you to create urgency in your customers. With our module you will greatly improve the visibility of available stock of your products, creating a better understanding of availability and possible urgency in products that are running out of stock.


Let’s talk about some of the amazing features of Product Remaining Stock PrestaShop Module.

  • Show Demand Statistics: It display indicators for availability of product stock at the product page to show product demands and generate more sales. Creates a better understanding of availability and possible urgency in products that are running out of stock.
  • Adjust the Stock: Specify the quantity of your products to encourage every users who want to buy your product. For example, 100. So, if product quantity is equal or below 100, then product stock will display.
  • Display Progress Bar: Progress bar indicates number of products available in stock. You can switch Yes/No to show/hide progress bar. You can Customize colors and and background style according to your store design needs and provide personalized customers experience.
  • Easy Backend Configuration: It is easy to configure this and manage the module from backend. Easily enable or disable module and progress bar, easy to set message to display with number of products left in stock, and also you can customize colors.
  • Compatible with Themes: This module is works with our any theme and very easy to install this module. This module helps you to Increase conversation and sale for your online store.


Your customers will have visual information about your products stock. They will know at every moment and in real time if there are items or not of a specific product. Let us know in the comment section below if you have any questions. We are happy to help you!