12+ Best Placeholder Images Websites Every Designer Should Know

It has been truly said that “Pictures speak more than words”. Sharp and colourful pictures add quality and life to any text. A placeholder service allows you to automatically use a random image at the desired dimensions with minimal effort. Placeholders give designers an idea of how their client`s website will look before the final content is available.

Given below is a rundown of 12+ best Placeholder Images Websites services for a web designer to help you visualize how a website or an app will look even though the actual content is not yet available.

1. DummyImage – Placeholder Images Websites

DummyImage is particularly nice, when compared to some of its competitors, in that it offers a great deal of flexibility. This is one of the simplest image placeholder generators around but it’s also one of my favorites.

DummyImage - Placeholder Images Website

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2. Placeholder

It frames customized images by just specifying the image size after the URL. Text can also be inserted at the end of the URL. text and background color can also be selected. It also supports working of placeholders without HTTPS.

Placeholder - Placeholder Images Website

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3. PlaceIMG

A very simple platform for the generation of placeholder images. It’s one of the most demanded. Its main screen provides tabs or buttons for the selection of dimensions, font color, background color, filters, and categories.

PlaceIMG - Placeholder Images Website

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4. Lorempixel – Placeholder Images Websites

Tired of using the same old placeholders? Lorem Pixel provides you with random images given a width and a height. It also accepts a wide variety of categories such as sports, animals and food to name but a few.

Lorempixel Placeholder Images Website

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5. Fakeimg

When designing websites, you may not have the images you need at first. With the help of noto don’t these texts are supported. It is an open source and is free to use. It’s retina mode allows you to double up the size of the image in one shot.

Fakeimg - Placeholder Images Website

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6. Loremipsum

Lorem ipsum is placeholder text commonly used in the graphic, print, and publishing industries for previewing layouts and visual mock ups. Lorem Ipsum generates random text by paragraphs, or word count and across multiple languages and character sets.

Loremipsum Placeholder Images Website

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7. LoremFlickr

It provides placeholder images for every case, web or print, on almost any subject, in any size. In Additionally, Specify width and height, Images based on categories, Images based on color.

LoremFlickr Placeholder Images Website

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8. Flickholder – Placeholder Images Websites

Flickholder chooses an image from Flickr when given the width and length of the image you require. Flickholder is helpful in that, in addition to using Flickr photos as the placeholders, it also allows you to choose a desired tag as the third segment.

Flickholdr Placeholder Images Website

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9. ImgPlaceholder

This awesome service works on iconography. A placeholder image can be created by selecting among a wide range of font awesome, ionicons, and glyphicons. In Added Functionality, Custom background color (and transparent background), Image from font (Font awesome, Ionicons, Glyphicons), etc.

ImgPlaceholder - Placeholder Images Website

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10. Lorem Picsum

Made by David Margby & Nijiko Yonskai. This placeholder image service provides an advanced feature to combine two or more options, may it be, dimensions, filters, etc. Including Functionality Specify width and height, Grayscale images, etc.

Lorem Picsum - Placeholder Images Website

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11. PlaceKitten

A quick and simple service for getting pictures of kittens for use as placeholders in your designs or code. Just put your image size (width & height) after our URL and you’ll get a placeholder.

PlaceKitten Placeholder Images Website

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12. Gradientjoy

Nice gradient placeholder images for your projects.

Gradientjoy Placeholder Images Website

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13. Placeholder.pics

The lightest way to include placeholder pictures in your designs. You can even add a short label to keep track of what goes where in your designs and mockups.

Placeholder.pics - Placeholder Images Website

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Wrapping Up:

Having placeholder images and text, makes the web design process much easier. At this point, you only need to choose one or two that you find to be the easiest to remember. These definitely save a lot of time!

Have I missed one? Comment below!

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  1. I would love it if you included mine as well, it’s an AMP page and simple format.

    Colors, photos, and text options: theimgsrc.com

    If you like it, thanks!

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