Whether you’re creating a logo, designing a website, or defining a brand identity, color plays a vital role in any design project. Selecting a perfect color is always a confusing and time taking process. Color picker tools help many times to identify the color which I have liked from somewhere else and put it on my work.

Here are the list of top 10+ best color picker tools and I hope you will put them to great use.

1. Eye Dropper

Eye Dropper is a browser extension that works on Google Chrome and any other Chromium-based browser. o pick a color, all you need to do is click on the extensions icon, click a button, and click on your preferred color.

Eye Dropper Color Picker Tool

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2. ColorSnapper 2

The ColorSnapper 2 is a color picker for Mac users that helps them find a color anywhere on their screen. Out of the many options out there, ColorSnapper proves the most popular color picker among our designers, and for good reason.

ColorSnapper 2 - Color Picker Tool

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3. ColorPick Eyedropper

ColorPick Eyedropper is the second-most popular browser extension that works in Chrome and Chromium-based browsers. It’s great for quick access to colors you gain inspiration from when browsing around online.

ColorPick Eyedropper - Color Picker Tool

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4. Just Color Picker

Just Color Picker is a multi-platform utility for choosing colors. Just Color Picker is a multi-platform tool that helps you both identify a color and quickly find complementary colors.

Just Color Picker - Color Picker Tool

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5. Pixolor

Pixolor is an Android extension that displays RBG and DIP of any selected pixel. You can then quickly send these details to a friend or different device. You can edit, save and share the image.

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Pixolor Color Picker Tool

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6. Coolors

Coolors is another popular palette generator. Coolors is another popular palette generator. Create and share colors in few steps, Coolors is a great color generator which helps you create color schemes.

Coolors - Color Picker Tool

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7. ColorZilla

ColorZilla is a Firefox extension that allows you to grab any color from any page that’s open in your Firefox browser window. It can sample the average of any selected area. It works with several programs including MS Windows, Linux, and MacOSX.

ColorZilla - Color Picker Tool

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8. Instant Eyedropper

Instant Eyedropper is a regular Windows program and, as such, will work with any web browser or other Windows programs. Once you install this lightweight app, it will sit in your system tray. All you have to do is click its icon and choose a color, then the app will copy the code to your clipboard.

Instant Eyedropper - Color Picker Tool

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9. ColorPic

With ColorPic it is easy to pick any color directly from the screen. It’s not a free program although it offers a free trial. It was designed to work specifically with high resolution screens and supports HEX, RGB, and CMYK color formats.

ColorPic - Color Picker Tool

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10. Colorful Gradients

Looking for colorful gradients to use as a background image? Colorful Gradients is a perfect website where you can look for the same. They have color and color ( a pair of color), grids, gradients, lines and colorful circles.

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Colorful Gradients - Color Picker Tool

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11. Get UI Colors

Like FlatUI colors, Get UI Colors is also a platform which is dedicated for picking colors for the Flat UI designs. I never knew there actually existed colors with names like; Ripe Lemon, Riptide, Jaffa, New York Pink, Ming, Madison etc.

Get UI Colors - Color Picker Tool

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12. Material Palette

The Material Palette is a platform which is one step ahead of Get UI Colors and Flat UI Colors. The site also has free material icons which you can download and use on your app. As a developer, this site is a great deal for me as I can see how the colors will look in real without rendering it on my android simulator.

Material Palette Color Picker Tool

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Wrapping Up:

Color pickers are essential for graphic design and image editing. These color tools make it easy to pick a color from anywhere and use it with other programs. I tried to include color picker tools for every popular platform.

With that being said, there are a lot of color picker tools out there. Did I miss your favorite? Let me know in the comments.