Don’t you just despise running your business’s social media channels? Pondering the content, designing the visuals, writing a compelling, converting copy?

And now social platforms prefer videos? And the next day, Reels are a thing? Is there even a difference between a regular video and a Reel?

Where can you even find time for that? How do your competitors make it look so beautiful, engaging, and effortless?

You get the point.

But you’re also aware that social media marketing campaigns is huge – it’s a powerful tool for creating brand awareness, fostering lead generation, driving website traffic, developing a fan base, improving sales, and a few more essentials of every successful business.

Yet, many business owners simply hate social media marketing campaigns. While some see it as a necessary evil, others grew disheartened by the lack of user engagement and return on investment.

The usual social media strategy tips are quite vague and too general. Create engaging content, define your target audience, choose platforms wisely, set goals, develop a long-term plan, etc.

On the one hand – as if you didn’t already know that; on the other – what do these ambiguous pieces of advice even mean?

So, enough with these obscure tips and on to some tangible, actionable, and unique tricks, brought to you by top custom web design companies that will take your social media marketing campaigns to a whole different level.

Leverage UGC

You exist for your customers and because of your customers.

Ok, perhaps we’ve gone a bit too spiritual and philosophical, but we’re on to something here. Your business would be non-existent if it weren’t for your clients.

So, why not include them in your social media?

User-generated content, or UGC, is quite a thing in the digital marketing sphere. Unsurprising, considering that research has shown that 84% of users trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Do people tag you in their posts and photos, use your brand hashtag, or write testimonials in DMs or comments?

All these can be transformed into social media content, and probably even more powerful than your earlier posts, because a) they are social proof; b) they immerse customers in your brand; c) they are authentic.

Partner With Influencers

50% of consumers noted their shopping choices were influenced by an influencer’s recommendation at least once. Still, partnering with an influencer isn’t all about conversion.

Joining teams with influencers is an amazing way to freshen up your content, engage followers, and increase your brand’s awareness among a wider audience. Besides bringing creativity back into your social media channels, influencer-generated content requires minimal effort on your end.

Influencers are master content creators. Therefore, you shouldn’t focus only on leveraging their popularity but on learning and finding inspiration for your content creation in the future.

Finally, influencer marketing will show the best results if you partner with an individual from your business niche. The influencer you opt for must be well-known, esteemed, and respected within your target audience community.

Engage With Your Followers

You don’t like being left on seen. No one likes to be left on seen. So, why would you do that to your (prospective) customers?

It’s difficult to stress just how important it is to respond to your customers, whether they comment on your posts, tag you, share your content, or DM you.

Besides social algorithms favoring engagement, users are more inclined to put trust in your brand if they see your social media profiles are ‘alive’ and there’s some traction.

Utilize Socials to Shorten the Conversion Journey

Back in the day, social media marketing campaigns were regarded as a platform for brand promotion and increased website traffic.

However, social media marketing campaigns wouldn’t be the powerhouse it is today if it hadn’t found a way to bypass that.

So, many social platforms turned to adding shopping features to their users’ profiles. For example, now you can buy your favorite clothing items and art pieces right from the Instagram app.

Enabling users to shop directly via your social media profiles shortens and streamlines their journey towards becoming your brand’s loyal and satisfied customers.

Post What Users Want to See

It’s actually quite easy for creative freedom to get you carried away on your business’s social channels. Sure, you’ll be posting things that represent your brand – but it might not be what your audience expects of your brand.

Entertaining, inspiring, informative, and storytelling posts, along with discounts and sales, are the type of content users love to see the most.

Thus, cut on subjectivity and find a balance between who you are as a brand and what your users wish to see.

Tailor Your Content to Each Social Media Channel

Your prospective clients are everywhere. Posting actively across social media channels is a tactic recommended by marketing experts.

However, not all social platforms are created equal, nor do their users have the same expectations.

People join Instagram to look at wonderful images and funny videos. LinkedIn users choose the platform to learn more about businesses, whereas those who opt for Twitter are passionate about commenting and discussing current trending topics.

Therefore, why would you favor textual posts on Instagram when both the platform’s algorithm and users dislike them.

Monitor and Analyze Metrics

You can’t know whether your social media marketing campaigns are working if you don’t monitor and analyze the data.

Sure, having 10 or 10,000 likes on your post is quite different, but what’s the benefit of the latter if it hasn’t brought you a single conversion?

To get a grasp of what’s really performing well on your social media, you have to employ adequate software that tracks different metrics, such as user engagement, website referrals, conversion sources and mediums, and much more.

There’s an abundance of both free and paid tools, with more or less powerful features and varying levels of comprehensiveness. Yet, any of them is better than none.

Just as with any other business tactic, your social media strategy has to be data-driven. Checkout the Best eCommerce Tips here.