Add Multiple Product Using CSV File in Shopify

Shopify is one of the most powerful e-commerce platform for all business Scale. Shopify has amazing feature to import multiple product to store. There are two ways to add product to the store.

  1. Manually.
  2. Import Product.

We already learn about how to add product manually. Now we learn how product import by CSV file.

So here we learn

  • What is CSV file?
  • How to made CSV File?
  • How product import by CSV file?
  • How it is Useful?

What is CSV File?

The CSV file stands for Comma Separated Values, and the file format is (.CSV) for spreadsheets.

Shopify allowed to import and export of CSV file for the Product, Customers, Orders (export only), and Discounts (export only) of your store.

CSV file useful for adding multiple product at a time to Shopify store.

CSV files with UTF-8 encoding are the only file format that can be used to import to or export from Shopify.

CSVs are useful for Shopify stores that:

  • Bulk import product to the Shopify store.
  • Switching to Shopify from another ecommerce platform.
  • Have a list of Customer Accounts.
  • Prefer to upload Products using a spreadsheet.
  • Temporarily have limited internet connectivity.

How to made CSV File?

Here we learn how to made CSV file for product import. Follow the step by step procedure to made CSV file.

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1. Go to Shopify Dashboard:

The first step is go to Shopify Dashboard and then click on PRODUCT button. The below screen will be appeared.

Shopify banner

Just click on IMPORT button. The below screen will be appeared.

Shopify product import

Now click on sample CSV template button and download CSV file format.When the template is download open it.

You will see the one Excel Sheet open. Below screen will be appeared.

shopify csv

shopify csv

shopify csv

shopify csv

shopify csv

This is the process of adding data to CSV file. You will add more product to your Shopify store like this. After adding all necessary data save file in .CSV format. The below screen will appeared.

Shopify CSV save

The product CSV file is ready to import at your Shopify store.

How product import by CSV file?

Now you go to Shopify dashboard and click on Product button at left side navigation menu. Below screen will be appeared.

Shopify dashboard

Then click on IMPORT Button. Below screen will be appeared.

Shopify product import

Then click on Choose File button and choose the directory of CSV file that you saved recently. Then click on UPLOAD FILE button. Below screen will be appeared.

csv upload

Here you will see the details that you write in CSV file. Then click on Start Import button. Just Wait your file will imported to Shopify Store.

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Then you will see below screen.

Shopify csv

Here you will show your product is imported to shoplift store. You can add more product at a time to Shopify store.

How it is Useful?

CSV file is useful in following ways.

  • Add multiple product at a time.
  • CSV file can be edit easily by text-editors.
  • CSV is safe and can clearly differentiate between the numeric values and text.
  • Importing CSV files can be much faster, and it also consumes less memory.


That’s all we hope this article helped you to make your .CSV Product file for Shopify Store. If you still have any doubts, feel free to ask in comments and we’ll reply as soon as possible. 🙂

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