In Part 2 of our Beginner’s Guide to the Shopify Store (Part 1 covered some fundamentals for sign up with shopify, select shopify theme, edit store settings, etc) we take a closer look at how to add the Product to your Shopify Store, how to setup payment gateways and setup domain for online store.

5. Add the Product to your Shopify Store:

The product add to your Shopify store is very easy task to perform. There are two ways to add your product to your theme.

1. Manually add the product.

2. Import the product (With the help of CSV file).

First we understood how Manually Product added to the store.

Shopify Add Product

Select PRODUCT from the menu. Here’s you see the Add Product button. By clicking this button we can add manually product. Let’s learn how to add product manually.

Click ADD PRODUCT button, and one window open like below.

Shopify Add Product

The following things to be add to the Add Product page.

  • Title – Add title of the product.
  • Description – Add description of the product.
  • Image – Add image of the product.
  • Pricing – Add Pricing of the Product.
  • Inventory – Add Inventory (Stock) of the product.
  • Weight – Add the weight of the product.

Also fill the organization value to the product.

  • Product type – Add product type.
  • Vendor – Add product vendor.
  • Tags – Add tags to the product.

Once you filled all the value just click on SAVE PRODUCT button and save your product. These is the manual way to add the product.

Now we see how product can be added by IMPORT PRODUCT.

Shopify Product Import

At the upper side of product page you see the import icon shows above. By clicking on IMPORT button one dialog box open like these

Shopify CSv File

You can import by adding CSV file here. Here we complete the import of the product.

Set Up Collection (Group of Product):

The collection of product add to your Shopify store is very easy task to perform. Follow some basic step to add collection of product to your Shopify store.

Go to your Shopify Dashboard and at left navigation menu select the PRODUCT button.

Shopify Menu

When you select PRODUCT button, the sub menu of product is open.

Then click on Collection button to add collection of product to your Shopify store. Below screen will appeared.

Shopify Collection

Then click on Create Collection button. You will see below screen.

Shopify Create Collections

Fill the details and then click on Save Collection button.

Manual and automatic collections:

When you add a new collection, you can select how products should be added to it. These are the two options: