Shopify Provide a wide range of shortcuts. By the using this shortcuts you will improve productivity. You can see the shortcut list on your admin panel by just clicking on ? Button.

Here’s we discuss different Shopify Keyboard Shortcut.

When you press the ? Button the below screen will appeared.

NOTE: If CAPS-LOCK is on then no one shortcuts will be applied.

keyboard shortcuts

Use keyboard Shortcuts to Speed up Your Work with Shopify:

We all are familiar with the standard keyboard Shortcuts such as Ctrl + V, Ctrl + C, Ctrl + F.

But today we learn about Shopify Keyboard Shortcuts. The following keyboard shortcuts are available in your Shopify admin.

General Shortcuts:

Function Keyboard Shortcuts
List of keyboard Shortcuts ?
Search Bar S
Focus Filter Bar F
Go to your Profile M E
Pretend to be working B O S S
Log Out B Y E

Adding items to your Shopify Store:

Function Keyboard Shortcuts
Adding items to your store A P
Add collection A C
Add discount A D
Add blog post A B
Add blog A L
Add page A G
Add customer A U

Navigating Your Admin Panel:

Function Keyboard Shortcuts
Go to Home G H
Go to Orders G O
Go to Abandoned checkouts G B C
Go to Products G P P
Go to Products / Transfers G P T
Go to Products / Inventory G P I
Go to Products / Collections G P C
Go to Products / Gift cards G P G
Go to Customers G C
Go to Analytics G N
Go to Discounts G D
Go to Online Store / Overview G W O
Go to Online Store / Blog posts G W B
Go to Online Store / Pages G W P
Go to Point of Sale / Overview G T O
Go to Point of Sale / Locations G T L
Go to Apps G A
Go to Settings / General G S G

Thats it. Enjoy Shopify!