The numbers of online store that uses Shopify as eCommerce platform. Many free themes are available in the Shopify Theme Store and lots of option to choose best theme for your eCommerce store.

Nowadays the uses of mobile phones are more. Most of inquiry people makes from mobile phones. So it is necessary that your store must be optimized for mobile devices.

Shopify Themes

Here we represent some of the most beautiful Free themes for your Shopify store and yes… these all are mobile Responsive.

1. Simple

Simple is a clean and minimal theme, perfect for showcasing products. Features include a mobile-first responsive design, sidebar navigation, image animations, and product image zoom.

Shopify Theme Simple

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Simple is ideal if you want to have the following:

  • Sidebar navigation
  • Large menus
  • More than 5 products
  • Image animation

2. Fashe

Fashe is a free and modern looking fashion eCommerce theme for Shopify. It is also available in a plain HTML in case you want to convert it to be used for other platforms. This free Shopify theme rivals most of the premium offerings and leaves any other free template far behind. Why? Because we made it as a premium template in the first place but then decided to test the waters and give it away for free.

Shopify Theme Fashe

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Fashe is ideal if you want to have the following:

  • Top navigation
  • Sticky Navigation
  • Optimized for large image
  • Full-width collection image

3. Supply

Supply is a clean, easy-to-navigate theme perfect for merchants with large inventories and several collections.

Features include prominent navigation, multiple home page collections, sidebar filtering, and easy integration with the Product Reviews app.

Shopify Theme Supply

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Supply is ideal if you want to have the following:

  • Build for large catalogs
  • Collection filtering in sidebar
  • Feature collection on home page

4. Pop

A minimalist theme, designed to keep your content accessible. Pop is ideal for stores with small- to medium-sized inventories, Pop is designed around a large sidebar navigation that keeps your content readily accessible.

Shopify Theme Bliss

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Pop is ideal if you want to have the following:

  • Sidebar Menu
  • Slide-out cart
  • Home-page slide show

5. Minimal

Minimal is a wide-layout responsive theme that looks great on any device.

Loaded with features designed to give you complete flexibility, you can customize your store with additional layout options, product views, collection views, navigation styles, and typography choices.

Shopify Theme MInimal

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Minimal is ideal if you want to have the following:

  • Slide show
  • Product filtering
  • Product image zoom
  • Home page video

6. Venture

Venture is a bold yet minimal theme designed for high volume stores with large inventories.

Features include an edge-to-edge slideshow, multi-column drop-down menus, and a promotional bar.

Shopify Theme snowdevil

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Venture is ideal if you want to have the following:

  • Build for large catalogs
  • Multi-column menu
  • Single featured product
  • Promotional banners

7. Boundless

Boundless is a photography-first theme with a minimal UI that features edge-toedge photography. Boundless is mobile-first and suited for stores with medium to large inventories.

Shopify Theme re + co

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Boundless is ideal if you want to have the following:

  • Optimized for large image
  • Slideshow with fading effect
  • Sticky navigation
  • Single product gallery

Are Free Shopify Themes Worth It?

Have a question in mind?

Yes. Free Shopify themes provide many important function that are help to build your store. As well as will still be able to customize your Shopify store. The themes that provide by Shopify are highly customizable, and using that feature you can create unique store, even if you don’t have the best knowledge or technical experience.

Overall, free Shopify themes are always the best option to start your eCommerce store.