What happens every day in your eCommerce  store?

Customers are coming, visit product page and leave your product page. There is no purchase. Customers have natural tendency to delay buying as long as possible. It is necessary to boost conversion and sales. It can be achieved by only two thing  and that is FOMO and URGENCY.

FOMO (Fear of Missing out)
FEAR about missing the best deal, best discount, best offer. These would definitely lead to increase conversion and sales.

Urgency gives your customer a reason to move forward. Help your customer to understand, without your product they hurt their business.

Question in mind?
How can i use both the thing for my Magento Store?

Don’t worry. We understood you and gives best solution for that.
We boost your Magento store conversion and sales by using the Power of Urgency and FOMO that Sales Countdown Timer Provides.

Sales Countdown Timer

Sales Countdown Timer allows you to quickly and easily add a real time countdown bar to create urgency and FOMO. This will help you to increase your conversion and sales. It is build to motivate customers and perfectly match your Magento store. Now you can sell more on this festival season.

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Sales Countdown Timer
Sales Countdown Timer

Sales Countdown Timer


  • Add countdown timer on product page
  • Able to make Countdown sticky bar on product page
  • Ability to customize style as Plain as well as Gradient!
  • Show discount percentage
  • Generate Urgency & Boost Your Website Sales
  • Wide range of settings
  • Very easy installation and configuration
  • Makes your Store more Dynamic and beautiful
  • Suitable for businesses of all scales
  • Compatible with any theme
  • 24/7 support


The Sales Countdown Timer absolutely increase your sales. A faster increase in your sales means fewer abandoned carts, which means more money in your pocket. Download the extension and take advantage of these festival season.
If you have any questions or need help regarding Sales Countdown Timer, ask us. We are here to help!