Let’s take one simple case :

A customer is shopping on the product page and scrolling through a product’s awesome description. The customer is getting excited to buy the product, but as they scroll further, they don’t see a buy button.

They soon realize they have to scroll all the way back to the top to look for it, and in this moment, their excitement to buy the product is overshadowed by their need to search for the add to cart button. Once this happens, your client might lose the customer’s interest and could potentially miss out on a sale.

Any moment of shopping hesitation… even very small event like this, make big impact on your conversion rate.  That’s why here we are representing Sticky Add to Cart for your Magento store.

Sticky Add to Cart

The sticky add to cart button provides the customer a hassle free shopping experience. The product’s function allows the customer to quickly add product to the cart without scrolling. So your customer can get brief information about the product quickly. Using configuration options admin can enable/disable sticky bar feature at any time. Admin can able to show/hide any particular details like a product image, product name, etc.

Increase your revenue by having a smart sticky add to cart bar, which will make the potential customers pay attention to your products. This extension will increase conversion rate by encouraging customers to add product(s) to cart or buy now button. The extension has been designed after deep study of the user behavior and we have designed to make it user as well as conversion focused.

Sticky Add to Cart

Features :

  • Compatibility
  • Easy to Buy
  • Product Information
  • Custom Style
  • Support Multiple Store
  • Awesome Design
  • Increase Sales and Conversion
  • Product Type Support
  • Customization Options

Why should i use this extension

Because you want to make it as easy for your customers to make a PURCHASE. Also It improve your customer shopping experience and increasing conversions.


We believe in providing the highest level of service, so we make an effort to respond to every mail within 1-2 days. So you can be sure we’re here for you.


As we explained above Sticky Add to Cart has numerous benefits to your Magento store. This extension absolutely improve your customer shopping experience and also your conversion rate.

What do you think of using Sticky Add to Cart on your eCommerce store? Tell us in the comments section below.