Website development has advanced manifolds in recent years as the popularity of digital marketing is growing rapidly. Every type of business can now profit from the online marketing trends, but it is important to have a specific website design suitable for the genre of the business.

Magento as a platform is particularly gaining popularity because it is very suitable for building e-commerce websites. As the present worldwide pandemic situation is forcing everyone to become homebodies and reinvent ways of shopping, working, and managing every basic requirement, there has been a surge in e-commerce specifically.

As an e-commerce owner, it is natural to want the best for your business without any compromise and with the help of Magento, this is now made possible. We have brought to you some of the hottest Magento development trends that are rapidly becoming a staple in 2021.

You will be surprised how much of a difference a good design and easy-to-navigate website can make in your profit. With these aims, you can easily find tips and suggestions to improve the Magento development Trends that are being currently followed for your website.

8 Magento development trends in 2021 that every entrepreneur must follow

Magento is known for its flexible platform and the option it caters to the developers when it comes to developing any kind of e-commerce website. We have listed some features and Magento development trends that you must incorporate in 2021 to get a better outreach through your Magento based website:

Voice Search option for your Website

The First Magento Development Trends.  A significant number of shoppers opt for voice searches today. According to many surveys, almost 20% of the shoppers worldwide rely on voice searches to find what they are looking for.

A few examples of voice search in e-commerce are the addition of Alexa in Amazon and Google Assistants and both are improved by the day. Content optimization is also done with the help of voice queries. The entire purchase flow is maintained with voice search nowadays. Keeping in mind the growing popularity of voice search for shopping, many entrepreneurs are opting for them to boost their website further.


Have you noticed the small icon that often pops up while you are browsing through a shopping website asking whether you need help? Irrespective of the hour when you go to a site, these messages will always welcome you, and the technology behind them is a chatbot. Today, 85% of customer interactions are through chatbots to solve queries on e-commerce websites.

They are designed to engage the customers better as they shop and help provide shopping assistance to every visitor. If you are using Magento as the platform for your e-commerce website, there are several more features that you can enjoy.

The platform is much ahead of time and can provide numerous plugins and games along with the chatbot and AI integration. As a result, a website using a chatbot and running on the Magento platform can be much more engaging than a regular e-commerce website.

AR/VR in Online Shopping

  • AR and VR technology is now not just limited to entertainment but is being integrated with shopping and other commercial purposes.
  • This is a cutting-edge technology offered by Magento platforms and is presently trending immensely because of the ease and comfort it allows the shopper.
  • Moreover, you can experience the closest feel of shopping at the store when you are using AR/VR technology.
    The enhanced experience while browsing through the products indirectly instigates the customers to make quick purchases.
  • They also tend to shop more frequently from the same site when the navigation process is smooth.

Personalized Push Notifications

Several abandoned carts and checkouts left at the last moment can indeed be frustrating for a budding e-commerce business owner. But this may not always result from the customers’ disinterest in the product but when they are unable to find the best deal or find the same item at a better price on another website.

Furthermore, the website experience itself can lead to such abandonment when they find another website with a better interface and check-out procedure providing the same product. In short, the key is to prevent the customers from losing interest before the purchase is completed.

This is where personalized push notifications can provide that extra boost. As soon as a cart is abandoned, a push notification will be sent that is created just for the potential buyer to instigate them to complete the purchase.
This, in turn, can give a significant boost to your sale and is made possible easily when the website is based on Magento.

Consumer-Centric Approach

Prioritizing the consumer is an important aspect today.

  • Many consumers look for a personalized experience with the brand today and this can be made possible through the Magento Platform.
  • Enhanced user experience, personalized suggestions based on their searches, B2C customer loyalty programs, rewards, and referral programs are few things that can improve customer engagement on your website.

When the customers feel valued, they are likely to recommend your products and website as well as keep coming back for your services.

AI-enabled Website for Superior experience

AI or Artificial Intelligence is capable of predicting the trends in shopping and business as well as recognizing the shopping pattern of the individual users. As a result, a more personalized approach can be taken to lure the clients.

Moreover, it will help to create a better shopping list with digital assistance based on previous purchases by the customers. Apart from this, AI in e-commerce also simplifies the process of re-ordering or quickly getting the product you are looking for based on your previous search history.

Furthermore, there are conversational AI that aid in more humane interactions while shopping.

For example, when you are shopping for glasses on a platform like Lenskart and not sure about how the product will look on you, the AI-enabled websites can give live suggestions based on a series of answers from your end or simply aid with seeing virtually the product’s look on your face.

In short, the user’s experience with your website is enhanced manifolds when businesses opt to enable AI features and as a result, client retention is improved.

Social Media Marketing

Nothing can beat the need for social media marketing irrespective of the type of business you own. The social media platforms are most engaging and when you can build a follower base these can eventually convert into leads for your business.

The social media marketing strategies for e-commerce include sponsored ads on different platforms which are curated and showcased to target audiences who are looking for similar items frequently.

Furthermore, now platforms like Instagram and Facebook let you tag the products themselves with the price and customers can get redirected directly to your website when they click on them.

A few things which you can do to boost your website’s traffic through the dedicated social media platforms are as follows:

  • Generate product authority and boost product awareness through social media campaigns.
  • Engage the potential customers on social media platforms in various activities which let them interact directly with the brand like surveys and Q&A sessions.
  • You can also use a Digital Marketing company for optimizing social media.

Magento PWA

The Best ever Magento Development Trends for 2021. The Magento PWA is a set of development tools that are useful for building progressive web apps.

  • Make the most of these tools to transform any Magento 2 website which in turn will enhance the user experience.
  • Many potential customers also browse through the progressive web apps which are websites that look like native mobile applications and have an interface similar to that.
  • They are very easy to navigate and often considered the most versatile option to serve the customers these days as more and more people directly go to the website of the product before looking up whether they have a dedicated application.

The above mentioned are some of the Magento Development Trends which are growing by the day as demand for an e-commerce solution to every necessity is growing. Whether you are an owner of a seasoned business or a budding entrepreneur thinking of taking your business to the virtual platform, upgrading the website with the trending features and functions will ensure it is gaining more traffic and leads.

When the shopping experience becomes easier for the clients and potential buyers, they are likely to keep coming back for more. This is exactly what you can offer when your website makes the most of all the latest features and functions that are available today on the Magento platform.

This is All Magento Development Trends to watch out in 2021. Checkout the Best Magento Themes here.