Shipping Time Estimator PrestaShop Module helps you to Inform your customers of the time it takes for the products to arrive at the destination. Let your customers know the estimated delivery dates in the product page. Your customers will know when their order will be delivered even before they add product to the cart. This way you increase your customer’s trust as well as your sales.Shipping Time Estimator PrestaShop Module helps to boost conversion and sales.


Let’s see some of the features that make module more attractive.

  •  Display Delivery Estimate Date: This module calculates the delivery date of the products and display expected product delivery date message on product page. Your customers will get to know when their order will be delivered.
  •  Different Delivery Options: You can set different delivery options for product like as individual or same. You can set specific delivery time for the product like as individual.
  • Easy Backend Configuration: This module is very easy to configure and easily mange from backend. You can enable or disable module from it’s backend. You can also enable or disable display delivery date option.
  • Set Number of Delivery Days: You can set number of working days like 2,3 or 4 days. Delivery date will be consider based on selected working days.
  • Delivery Time For Out-of-Stock Products: This is mainly for products that are out of stock. That you can use to add more delivery days to any product that is out of stock and still open for sale.
  • Days Message: You can set the text of message you want to display on product page with delivery days. This message will display with the number of days will product take to deliver at you.
  •  Date Format: It has several formats of dates to add the one you like the most. For example, Y-m-d or jS F, Y etc,.
  • Increase Audience Engagement: Everyone’s ultimate goal in having an online business is to have good sales and gain a high profit. This module Increase audience engagement and also helps you to boost your store conversion and sale.
  • Build Trust With Customer: This module Provide an estimated time period when a customer views your store’s products. This module calculate the product’s delivery date. This helps your store increase customer trust and sales of your customers. It is a powerful module to instantly build trust with your customers.


With the Shipping Time Estimator PrestaShop Module, your customers will have access to an accurate estimated delivery date to their location, and this transparency and information should boost your conversion rate without extra effort on your end.

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