How to Reset PrestaShop Admin Password?

In this tutorial we will learn about how to reset admin user password in Prestashop store. There are 2 way to reset the admin password in Prestashop. Let do the following steps to reset your admin password in Prestashop.

Method: 1

Reset password via email

It is the easiest way to reset your lost password for prestashop admin. Click the I forgot my password link.


Now, add your email id and click the SEND RESET LINK button.


PrestaShop will automatically generate a new password and email it to you.

Method: 2

Reset password via database

If you are not able to reset the PrestaShop admin password via e-mail, Then you can manually reset it in the database. To reset via database, follow the below steps:

    • Connect to FTP server or file manager and go to PrestaShop root directory.
    • Open the file: /app/config/parameters.php
    • Find the value of ‘cookie_key’ parameter and copy it.


    • Open phpMyAdmin and select your PrestaShop database
    • Find table named prefix_employee and click on Browse button.


    • Click on Edit button in order to reset the PrestaShop admin password.


    • Find the passwd field and clear the existing value.
    • Paste the value of COOKIE_KEY from the SETTINGS_INC.PHP file.
    • After placing the code, type your new password. Here, there should be NO SPACE in between COOKIE_KEY and your password. For example: In below screen-shot ADMIN123 (Highlighted) is new password.


  • Now, click on the Function drop-down menu and select MD5 option.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page, and then click Go.

Now you can login to your PrestaShop admin panel with new password without any issue.

Hopefully, this tutorial will help you.

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