5 Ways You Can Reduce Website’s Page Loading Time

The Fast Loading Time for online store is a wish of every store owners. Page load time is refer to the total amount of time it takes the content on a specific URL to load.

There are number of ways that you can check loading time of your online store. More than 60% customer expect that the loading time of webpage is less than 4 second.

Here we introduce The 5 Ways you can Reduce Website’s page Loading Speed.

1. Compress Images

5 Ways You Can Reduce Website’s Page Loading Time

Images are take into account because it takes 50% – 75% of total load time. The higher quality images take more time to load and lower quality images make bad impression of your brand. It is necessary that choose the right quality image for your store.

A Simple solution for that is use optimized image that perfect for your store. There are several online tools available that compress your store images. Such as tinypng.com, that reduce your image size without compromising in quality.

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2. Minify Your Code

5 Ways You Can Reduce Website’s Page Loading Time

The code is second aspect that taken into account. Your code is load before the customer visit a site. Poorly coded HTML, CSS, and JS on your web page can seriously slow down your site’s performance.

Google developers create a process that minify your code called minification. Here Minification compression shows here. A Simple solution for that compress your code file to reduce the loading time.


3. Browser Caching

5 Ways You Can Reduce Website’s Page Loading Time

When customer visit first time on your website some caching are created. This caching saved some data on customer computer. This data help to increase loading speed when customer visit your site next time.

A Simple solution for that by enabling browser caching on server.

4. Optimize Your File

5 Ways You Can Reduce Website’s Page Loading Time

The numbers of file is used in website. This file can be increase your loading time. The code file or theme file you use for website is must be in ZIP file. The compressed file is reduced the file size.

A Simple solution for that reduce your file size by compression it to zip file.

5. Reliable Hosting

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5 Ways You Can Reduce Website’s Page Loading Time

Your hosting service can make or break your website performance. To handle more traffic on your website, your hosting service must be capable for it. Choose the right hosting server for make sure to speed up your websites.

A Simple solution for that choose right hosting server that make your business powerful every time.


These all ways can reduce your website loading time. This will definitely increase website’s performance.


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