10+ Best Data Analytics Tools for Your Ecommerce Store

Analytics is a key part of growing an ecommerce. In fact, analytics is everything. Ecommerce analytics tools are continuously developing with the online market, which has tripled over the last three years, according to The Global Ecommerce Playbook. It doesn’t matter what type of business you have or what your selling, Google Analytics is a staple component of your marketing strategy.

Here are 10+ of the very best Ecommerce analytics tools that you can use right now to help evaluate the success of your business. So, let’s dive right in!

1. Google Analytics – Best Data Analytics Tools

Google Analytics is one of the most well-known web analytics tools used by website owners. The most classic analytics tool is used by almost 80% of all websites worldwide. It makes it easier to digest all the data provided and make a sensible decision based on that information.

Google Analytics - Data Analytics Tool

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2. Kissmetrics- Best Data Analytics Tools

Another tool on this list that was developed specifically for the e-commerce sphere is KISSmetrics. Kissmetrics emphasizes reports focused on individuals rather than on the general level of traffic. KISSmetrics helps users to understand and appreciate what is going on with their customer’s online behavior.

Kissmetrics Data Analytics Tool

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3. Adobe Marketing Cloud

Adobe is a feature-rich platform targeted more toward the enterprise level, mainly mid- to large-sized e-commerce stores. With the AMC (Adobe Marketing Cloud) analytics tool, you can track real-time and targeted campaigns, and measure the performance of your email marketing.

Adobe Marketing Cloud - Data Analytics Tool

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4. Hotjar

When compiling a list of the best website analytics tools, it’s impossible to pass by Hotjar. Hotjar essentially provides a bird’s-eye view of what your visitors see on-site. You will be able to track the dynamics of the customer experience and quickly notice and fix bugs.

Hotjar Data Analytics Tool

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5. Woopra

Getting laser-focused real-time customer analytics is not a nightmare anymore, this is why Woopra has been launched. The goal is to aggregate customer and site visitor data that syncs information from all the consumer touch points, from website to live chat and email.

Woopra Data Analytics Tool

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6. Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is yet another significant eCommerce analytical tool that will improve the website’s performance. This is a perfect tool for digital marketing specialists to audit website UX and to identify the sections which ‘kill’ conversions.

Crazy Egg Data Analytics Tool

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7. Clicky

Clicky is often considered as the closest competitor of Google Analytics in terms of delivering a rich set of insights within a user-friendly interface. One such tool for ease of use is Clicky. For one thing, the tools on Clicky are all in real time. This means that you’re getting the information on the spot for what is going on now.

Clicky Data Analytics Tool

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8. Visual Web Optimizer – Best Data Analytics Tools

Visual Web optimizer is simply useful for accelerate growth ratio by delivering optimized digital experiences metrics. Optimizing your e-commerce is a continuous process that never ends. Visual Web Optimizer are ideal for businesses looking to tune up their marketing campaigns and essential pages with ease.

Visual Web Optimizer - Data Analytics Tool

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9. Custora – Data Analytics Tools

Custora customer-centric software has the business intelligence concept and the service range is continuously improving. Custora plays a remarkable role in the list of analytical competition.

Custora Data Analytics Tool

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10. Klaviyo

Email marketing and eCommerce go hand in hand. Kalviyo is an email automation and analytics platform specifically tailored for eCommerce merchants. A wide variety of messages and a lot of frequency in order to carry out their campaigns effectively.

Klaviyo Data Analytics Tool

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Final Thoughts:

Now that you know the factors important for your Business and the various tools available in the market for e-commerce Web development. We hope our list of the best Ecommerce analytics tools can assist your business.

so, What platform do you use for tracking your e-commerce analytics?

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