Online grammar and punctuation checkers are helpful tools to help you come across more professionally with your writing. As a content writer, I know the outcomes of bad writing all too well. Not only can it lead to embarrassing or unnecessary problems with your editors and clients, but you’ll lose time making revisions. Through the use of multiple grammar checking tools, my writing is now better than ever. Bloggers need to have some kind of tool with themselves so that they would be able to streamline their writing, their thoughts, and their mind into one.

To help you choose the best online grammar checker tools, we have reviewed the top 10+ grammar checking tools available online.

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the most popular grammar checkers out there used by millions of people. The best online grammar checker tool there is and one of the preferable options out there in the market. It checks for grammar and spelling errors as you write your posts.

Grammarly - Online Grammar Checker

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2. Ginger Online

Ginger is a user-oriented free online grammar and spelling checker tool that works well with Chrome and Safari. Ginger is another great tool that offers free browser extensions, desktop apps, and add-ons to help you minimize the number of errors in your writing.

Ginger Online - Online Grammar Checker

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3. Hemingway

The app can correct mistakes and analyze your writing skills to give a readability score. The Hemingway Editor is dedicated to helping everyone write more clearly. This grammar checker is a bit different than the other tools on this list.

Hemingway - Online Grammar Checker

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4. LanguageTool

LanguageTool is a multilingual grammar check tool that rectify grammatical mistakes in many languages. LanguageTool is a proofreading and grammar checking tool that offers both free and paid options.

LanguageTool - Online Grammar Checker

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5. After the Deadline

After The Deadline is available as a Google Chrome extension. It comes with a built-in spell checker tool with optional grammar and readability check. It can be used as a WordPress plugin, browser extension for Chrome or Safari or an Open Office extension.

After the Deadline - Online Grammar Checker

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6. SpellCheckPlus Pro

SpellCheckPlus is a decent online grammar editor tool. It is an online software designed for non-native English speakers. The basic version is free and you can use it by simply pasting in your text. The Pro version offers some additional features.

SpellCheckPlus Pro - Online Grammar Checker

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GrammarCheck is a free online grammar checker that points out spelling errors and grammar mistakes and makes suggestions to improve style. This is another free web-based tool that doesn’t require you to download any software or register in order to use it. - Online Grammar Checker

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8. GradeProof

GradeProof is an advanced proofreading and intuitive tool that corrects spelling errors, and grammar mistakes. Because of AI, the tool becomes smart over time. The more you write, the better it becomes with suggestions to improve your writing.

GradeProof - Online Grammar Checker

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9. WhiteSmoke

Apart from checking your text for errors, WhiteSmoke will also generate a report that will review and rate your writing. WhiteSmoke makes the bold claim that it’s the “best English language writing tool on the market.”

WhiteSmoke - Online Grammar Checker

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10. ProWritingAid

The tool is a grammar check online style editor, and writing mentor all in one. With a user-friendly interface and easy-to-navigate reports, ProWritingAid is a very promising grammar checker. The tool will analyze your writing to eliminate any inconsistencies, vague words, repetitiveness, correct use of voice, etc.

ProWritingAid - Online Grammar Checker

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11. OnlineCorrection

OnlineCorrection is an online spelling, grammar and punctuation correction tool that is perfect for looking at grammar, spelling, and stylistic errors in your content. As the name states, the tool is an online grammar and punctuation checker. Online Correction is a free online spelling and grammar checker.

OnlineCorrection - Online Grammar Checker

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12. Jetpack

This is a suite that primarily supports WordPress, and it contains a lot of vital modules. One of its core features is to add proofreading to the WordPress post editor. It has an extended grammar check along with the checks for style and writing as well.

Jetpack - Online Grammar Checker

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Wrapping Up:

When it comes to proofreading, grammar checking and plagiarism-checking tools you can find many options. We’ve looked at some of the more popular ones. Take your time and go through each tool, try them out and see which one suits you best.

Which Online Grammar Checker Tool Suits You Best? or if you have any recommendations or questions then feel free to comment us below.