Since some of the last years, online stores have become an integral part of the shopping community. During the pandemic, people have switched their earning ways to virtual ones.

Payments are made online and virtual business is at its peak. This has given rise to the urge of earning money online. People started making online stores and selling things online.

Back in the days, all this was much easy as there were fewer people who knew about online stores. As the competition has increased, users will be looking for the best they can get.

Suppose, you are creating an online store to sell your products and get traffic. But what if the users don’t even see your store? To answer this question, you will have to create a better Steps to Improve SEO for your PrestaShop store.

To stay in the competition, you must have one of the competing SEO in the market. To create a precise and attractive online store, you must have the best SEO strategy.

To create a powerful and effective strategy, you will need to follow some crucial steps in constructing your online store. Here are some effective ones:

1. Using Unique Titles and Providing Meta Description
2. Using Single Domain
3. Avoiding Plagiarism
4. Using keywords in URLs
5. Providing Sitemap

1. Using Unique Titles and Providing Meta Description:

The most important tags on the website are probably your titles. Creating suitable and relevant titles for your products is very crucial. The meta title must explain the nitty-gritty of the products.

The user must get a gist out of your product and website. For example:

Title: Laptops (Using less than 70 characters is optimal for search engines)
Meta Description: The best performance and good-looking laptops. (Meta description has the optimal length of about 150-155 characters)

Meta Description refers to the information that you have given in your content. This information must be precise and comprehensive. It must be to the point also.

Sometimes, writers face problems using complex and compound sentences.

Doing so can help you create catching and magnetic SEO content for your store. If you are feeling any hesitation or facing problems regarding this. You can use paraphrasing tools to help you in this.

Paraphraser is a tool that can paraphrase your content and change the words with their best synonyms.

There is no option for you to copy and paste the URLs. Data redundancy is the thing search engines are averse about.

You must not copy URLs but create them of your own. Create the new and unique. It helps to make your content more precise and descriptive.

2. Using Single Domain:

When you create a website or store, you need to use domains for your sites. One may have more than one domain.

In creating online stores, you must opt for only one domain. You must select one out of them because of the site crawlers. When they crawl through the website, they will consider these links as two different domains.

This will lead them to a misinterpretation and they will report the site to be duplicated in content. Due to this, the website will be ranked poorer and you will lose traffic.

To stay safe, use only one domain.

3. Avoiding Plagiarism:

It is of no use to copy and paste data every time. You are supposed to create of your own. Unique content is the prior requirement of the users and buyers.

Plagiarizing someone’s content or product description may be treated as data theft. To avoid plagiarism in your content, there are a lot of plagiarism checkers in the market.

Plagiarism checker is an online tool usually based on AI technologies. It helps users to check the plagiarism in the given content. This process of plagiarism checking can save your day.Avoiding Plagiarism:

Removing plagiarism from your content can save you from copyright issues and fines. This will also increase your traffic as users are always attracted to new and unique content.

Plagiarism checking must be the priority before uploading data and providing it to the users. Unique ideas are always appreciated.

4. Using Keywords in URLs:

Keywords and URLs are the subjects that are searched by the users. If you keep them difficult and equation-like, you are going to face an extreme loss of traffic.

Avoid using long and difficult URLs. Instead, try to use the keywords within the URLs. It will help the users reach their destination easily and timely.

There are two types of URLs, one to avoid, and the second to adopt.

To avoid:
To use:

While you are using PrestaShop, there is an innate feature of URL rewriting. This feature can be accessed in your back office under the option Preferences > SEO & URLs.

5. Providing Sitemap:

The sitemap is the platform where the information about the videos, posts, and pages is provided. While constructing an online store, it is impossible to have buyers’ attraction without using sitemaps.
A detailed summary of your products must be provided to a search engine in the form of site maps.

PrestaShop modules can turn you on the right way in site mapping.

There are about five steps to create and submit a site map of your website and online store.

1. Page Structure Review
2. URL Coding
3. Code Validation
4. Adding the sitemap to the roots and robots.txt
5. Sitemap Submission

Check the best XML sitemap generator.


An online shop and store can get you more buyers than that of the ground ones. Creating stores is neither an uphill task nor a piece of cake. It requires dedication, knowledge, and hard work.

PrestaShop is one of the leading online store providers in the world. They have helped a lot of people create an online business and get money out of it.

The up-given tips and tricks are the best for creating and improving SEO strategies. Follow all these steps and enjoy selling your products in a much better way.