In this article, we’ll show you, how to create an Attribute in PrestaShop. Follow this simple guideline…

Step 1: Get Started

Login into PrestaShop Admin Panel and from the Sell section go to, Catalog > Attributes & Features.


Step 2: Click on Add new attribute button.


Step 3: On the Add new attribute page enter the following fields:

  • Name: for instance, Weight (the name will not be visible to the site visitors).
  • Public name: e.g. Weight (visible to your site visitors).
  • URL: Specific URL format in block layered generation.
  • Meta title: Specific format for meta title.
  • Indexable: Use this attribute in the URL generated by the layered navigation module.
  • Attribute type: Choose the type of the attribute.


Fill out all the details and click the Save button.

Step 4: Now, click the Add new value button.


Step 5: Fill out all the details for the new attribute value.

  • Attribute group: Choose the type of attribute, e.g. Color.
  • Value: Enter the name of the value. Like: Red, Yellow, White.
  • Meta title: Add meta title.
  • Color: Choose a color with the color picker, or enter an HTML color code.
  • Texture: Upload color texture.


Step 5: Click the Save button or  Save then add another value to add more attribute value. That’s it.