20+ Best Google Web Fonts for Your Ecommerce Store

Are you planning on using Google Fonts on your website? Then this guide will help you to pick the right font for your website design. Google Fonts that offer the best user experience in terms of readability. Google Fonts are one of the most popular typeface fonts you’ll find online. Just like typography is the key to excellent web design, so is the font the key to excellent typography. These fonts are already installed on popular platforms like Shopify and Canva, simplifying design for business owners.

In addition to the thousands of other sites that use the service, Google itself uses these fonts on their own platform. This article breaks down the best web fonts you can use for your website or design work. We have more than 20+ such Google Web Fonts for you right here! Take a Look…

1. Roboto

It’s extremely popular and is featured in more than 26 million websites for its aesthetics and functionality. It features a smooth sans-serif design that makes it a great choice for long paragraphs and other body text.

Roboto Google Font


2. Open Sans

Open Sans is another popular font used by more than 25 million websites. Google itself uses Open Sans on some of its websites, as well as in it’s print and web ads. One of the best when it comes to offering better user experience and improving readability.

Open Sans Google Font


3. Poppins

Popins is a geometric sans-serif font. Poppins is one of the new comers to this long tradition. It’s suitable for both headings and body text. The font is available in 9 different weights as well.

Poppins Google Font


4. Lora

Lora is one of the best serif web fonts available in Google Fonts. It is a text typeface with moderate contrast well suited for body text. It’s been optimised for the screen but works equally well in print.

Lora Google Font


5. Playfair Display

As one of Microsoft’s web core fonts, Playfair Display is perfect for title design. The font is most suitable for designing large titles and headings. Basically, it is more used in printing technology, ink, and paper-making.

Playfair Display Google Font


6. Lato

Lato is featured in more than 12,000,000 websites. It’s also used in Slack. The semi-rounded details of the letters gives Lato a feeling of warmth, while the strong structure provides stability and seriousness.

Lato Google Font


7. Rubik

Rubik is a sans serif font family with slightly rounded corners designed by Philipp Hubert and Sebastian Fischer. This font is ideal for titles and headings on your website. It’s available in 5 weights and 5 styles.

Rubik Google Font


8. Raleway

Raleway is an elegant sans-serif typeface family. It also has a sister family, Raleway Dots. It has 18 font style that means you have a lot of alternatives to choose from. It was initially designed as a single thin weight and later expanded into a 9 weight family.

Raleway Google Font


9. Oswald

Oswald is better at fitting the pixel grid of standard digital screens. It’s best for designing headings and titles for modern websites. Oswald is designed to be used freely across the internet by web browsers on desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices.

Oswald Google Font


10. Arvo

Arvo is a serif font that can be used in professional website designs. The flavour of the font is rather mixed. The font also pairs best with Open Sans. Its monolinearish, but has tiny bit of contrast.

Arvo Google Font


11. Ubuntu

The Ubuntu Font Family is a set of matching new libre/open fonts developed in 2010-2011. Ubuntu is the default font used in the popular Linux-based operating system of the same name. This is most evident in letters like “u” and “n”.

Ubuntu Google Font


12. Work Sans

Work Sans is a typeface family that is optimized for on-screen text usage at medium-sizes (14px-48px) and can also be used in print design. Work Sans is a sans-serif font that works best as a headings font. The only downside to using this font is it doesn’t include italic style typefaces.

Work Sans Google Font


13. Merriweather

Merriweather is another elegant serif font commonly used paired with the Lora font. Merriweather features a very large x height, slightly condensed letterforms, a mild diagonal stress, sturdy serifs and open forms. It is featured in more than 3,500,000 websites.

Merriweather Google Font


14. Source Sans Pro

Source Sans Pro is a professional font family designed and released by Adobe with an open-source license. One of the important design considerations was to create a typeface that reads well over extended periods of time. The font is an incredibly popular one with more than 4.3 million websites leveraging the typeface.

Source Sans Pro Google Font


15. PT Sans

PT Sans is based on Russian sans serif types and gives the people of Russia the ability to read and write in their native languages. PT Sans is based on Russian sans serif types of the second part of the 20th century.

PT Sans Google Font


16. Montserrat

Montserrat is a sans serif last updated in 2017 with 18 different styles, that means you have quite a lot of choice. Montserrat is a unique font that can be used for both headings and body text. The font also goes well together with Roboto as well.

Montserrat Google Font


17. Fjalla One

Fjalla One is a medium contrast display sans serif. The Fjalla One is a medium-contrast display sans serif, and it is especially suitable for creating headlines to grab the reader’s attention, and it can be used in a wide range of sizes.

Fjalla One Google Font


18. Rakkas

Rakkas is single-weight display typeface that supports Arabic and Latin scripts.

Rakkas Google Font


19. Oxygen

Oxygen is a sans-serif font that features a set of unique characters. This font doesn’t include italic typefaces, which makes it a better option for titles and headings.

Oxygen Google Font


20. Nunito

Nunito is the perfect web font for creative projects as it comes with a unique rounded character design. The font includes 7 different weights and it pairs well as both body text and headings.

Nunito Google Font


Final Thoughts:

You’re now equipped with the necessary tools to incorporate some awesome fonts into your next web design. The full Google font list is way longer, however, these are just some of the high-quality Google web fonts that might interest you. Hopefully, our list will help you narrow your search and speed up that process.

If you think we’ve left out an awesome Google font, make sure to leave us a comment below.


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