What is PWA?

PWA is stand for Progressive Web App. PWA is a combination of native apps and mobile web pages. The PWA delivered app-like experience to the end user.

How Magento PWA Helps to improve my store?

The Magento PWA helps you to improve your store in following ways.

  • High performance speed
  • Like an App experience
  • Push Notification
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Offline support
  • Responsive design
  • SEO Friendly

1.High performance speed:

The speed is most important factor for any eCommerce store. According to a survey conducted by Statista 51% visitor will leave your store if the page load time is more than 3 seconds. Here PWA plays important role as they are loading faster. So more visitor engagement to your store.

2. Like an app experience:

When you use PWA for your eCommerce store, it’s look like as native apps. The user can take advantages of both a native apps and web page. PWA provides great user experience whenever they want.

3. Push Notification:

Push notification is the message that sent as a notification. According to a survey, customer engagement increase more than 87% by Push notification. So it is important to keep the customer informed about the latest deals and offers.

PWA plays an important role to push notification. PWA sites can be added icon on the home screen as a native app. The user can click on the icon and then open the store directly no need to open via browser. This results in higher conversation rates.

4. Cross-browser compatibility:

PWA store runs smoothly on all browsers. Also don’t need to develop and maintain apps for different platform. Working fine in all browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge.

5. Offline Support:

A complete PWA store can be made to work offline.

A customer browses a product of your store and add products to the cart without internet connectivity. The customer can even place orders offline. Once the internet is connected the order will be processed. You can experience this by using Trivago. Trivago using PWA for eCommerce business.

6. Responsive design:

The PWA store gives a better user experience across all devices like Desktop, mobile phone and tablet. This will increase customer shopping experience. Also, Google said that a site with mobile responsive will rank better in Google search results. Hence PWA can help you to get higher rank in Google search results.

7. SEO Friendly:

The PWA helps you to give more customer engagement. Also visitor stays for a longer time than usual. PWA store is also mobile friendly that helps to perform well in ranking.

The Move:

Why you are waiting for! It is a time to build your PWA store and launch PWA as soon as possible. PWA helps you to gain more conversion and sales. To build PWA store, we recommended that you hire an experienced Magento development team. We are here to help, ask us for the building PWA Store.

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