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In this article,  we’ll show you, how to import categories in PrestaShop. Follow this simple guideline as shown below.

Step 1: To import categories, Login into PrestaShop Back-Office and navigate to Advanced Parameters > Import.

Step 2: Choose the Categories option from the drop-down list of What do you want to import? 

import data

Step 3: Now, upload a file for importing your categories using the Browse button or choose files already available from your history / FTP.

import csv

You can download sample files from the “Download sample CSV files” section on the right side.

  • Language of the file. You can import categories for a single language at a time.
  • Field separator. You can indicate what your files use in this field.
  • Multiple value separator. You can indicate what your files used for multiple values.
  • Delete all categories before import. This option will erase all existing categories.
  • Skip thumbnails regeneration. You can choose to have PrestaShop regenerate the thumbnails that are linked from your CSV file.
  • Force all ID numbers. You can either keep the imported IDs or let the importer auto-increment them.
  • Send notification email. Enable this option to receive an email when the import is complete.

Click the Next step button to confirm the action.

Step 3: Once you are done matching your columns, click the “Import” button to start the importing process.

match category data

Once the process is done, it will indicate “100% validated” and “100% imported”. After closing this pop-up, you will be sent to the main screen.  That’s it. Your categories are imported successfully! Check out Best PrestaShop Tutorials here!

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  1. Hi,
    my categories are already imported, is there a way to import category images ? I have around 10,000 category.
    How to mass import image category ?
    Thanks you

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