How to set delivery information for every product ?

Every Customer wants to know delivery time information before they place orders. Most of customers don’t want to check product delivery information after placing the order. To resolve this we developed Shipping Time Estimator Prestashop module.

Shipping Time Estimator Prestashop module help you to show estimated shipping days and estimated date information on product detail page. It is a powerful extension to instantly build trust with your customers. This extension helps to boost conversion and sales. Highly customizable settings allow you to choose number of working days, delivery date format as well as ability to set estimated days per product. This strategy used by an eCommerce giant – Amazon.

In this tutorial, We will explain you, How to set delivery information for every product on PrestaShop Store using Shipping Time Estimator.

Follow the below steps to configure Shipping Time Estimator:

First, Download the Shipping Time Estimator PrestaShop Module.

Click Here to Download

Go to the Back-Office: Module manager > Upload a module.


Drop the zip file or click on select file.


Go ahead wait for PrestaShop to complete the installation process. After a few seconds, that Configure button will be show.


Click on Configure button, and you will get configuration page for Shipping Time Estimator.


  • Enable: Switch Yes or No to Enable or Disable it.
  • Days Message: Enter the message to display within how many days order will be delivered. Where [p] will be replace by delivery days.

    Note: To set delivery days, Go to Back-office > Product Page > Shipping.
    Here if you select option “None” then delivery information will not be displayed for that product.


    If you select Default delivery time, Then it will be consider default settings (For all products) from Back-office > Shop Parameters > Product Settings > Products stock block.


    If you select Specific delivery time to this product, Add the delivery days in the below fields for “In stock” and “Out-of-Stock”.
    For example : If you enter 3-5, then [p] will be replaced by 3-5.


  • Display Delivery Date: Switch Yes or No to show or hide delivery date.
  • Working Days: Select your working days to calculate expected delivery date.
  • Date Message: Enter the message to display expected delivery date. Where [p] will be replace by delivery date.
    For example : If you enter 5-7, then delivery date will be calculated considering 7 days to date of delivery and will replaced by [p].
  • Date Format: Enter the date format. For more information:

Then, click on Save button to apply the changes.

That’s all. Shipping Time Estimator block will be displayed on front-office.


Key Features:

  • Impress your customer with delivery information
  • Display shipping days and delivery date to customers
  • Set number of working days like 5,6 or 7 days
  • Boost your conversion and sales
  • Increase Audience Engagement
  • Works great on desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Very easy installation and configuration

Click Here to Download

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