In this article, we’ll show you, how to create a Cart Rule in PrestaShop. Follow this simple guideline…

Step 1: Get Started

Login into PrestaShop Admin Panel and from the Sell section go to, CatalogDiscounts.


Step 2: Click the Add new cart rule button.


Step 3: In the Information tab you will need to fill in the following fields:


  • Name: Enter your cart rule name.
  • Description: Enter your cart rule description.
  • Code: Enter code.
  • Highlight: Select Yes/No to Enable or Disable it.
  • Partial use: Select Yes/No to Enable or Disable it.
  • Priority: Set the priority of cart rule.
  • Status: Select Yes/No to Enable or Disable it.

Step 4: The next tab is Conditions and configures all the options as required.


Step 5: The third tab is the Actions.


Step 6: Click the Save button. The newly created cart rule will appear in the list.


Done! Enjoy PrestaShop 1.7! Check out Best PrestaShop Tutorials here!